Zoe Karssen


When she was fourteen, Zoe Karssen (born in England) became interested in fashion. '' I remember that in the past I used to make sketches of models during art lessons. I also cut out many pictures as a child to make mood boards. ''

In 2010, designers Zoe and Quince Karssen will start their fashion house and open their head office in Amsterdam. In a short time, the striking texts on the shirts attract the attention of many celebrities. The brand is frequently worn by international stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Sandra Bullock, Keira Knightly, Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts and Kylie Minogue.

The designers mainly get inspiration from the internet, especially from blogs. Zoe Karssen has a special folder on her computer and every time she sees something inspiring, she saves it. '' By the time a new collection is to be designed, I have plenty of ideas. ''

This season, the partners took their inspiration from different themes such as pop culture, old films, sports influences and America. '' As we have come to expect from our customers, we have brutal graphics, statement quotes and crazy prints. ''