About us

Belleza is located in Utrecht on the front street. The owner has years of experience in fashion and offers customers the opportunity to visit by appointment.

Finally it is so far! Something that has been a big dream for years has now come true. Over the years I have noticed that I am a source of inspiration for many ladies in the field of fashion. I have selected all the clothes in the store and in the Webshop myself and they fit me. I really like to inspire you and convey my style.

It is not always easy to make a clothing choice for yourself. Many women struggle with this problem every day. Mostly due to the variety of activities that day and / or change of the body through the different stages of life that we as women have to deal with. Discover at Belleza yourself with your clothing style! You feel better, come across better and get more confidence. Clothing has a lot of influence on how you feel and come across.

Do you want to know what really suits you? At Belleza I would like to help you show which styles, fits and colors suit you best. I look with my style advice how it can be even more surprising and better. Taking into account your personality and work. Different and yet always be yourself!

My firm belief is that every woman can look fantastic, regardless of lifestyle, age or size. Stylish, fashionable and timeless. Both casual and chic / business, but always while retaining your personality. Radiate who you really are, you will be surprised by the result!

If you are interested in this, then I would be happy to assist you. If you are unable to visit us during our opening hours, you can always make an appointment for a time that suits you. Completely free of obligation and of course free of charge.